Scrotal Mass


Scrotal Mass is a non-specific finding that requires further investigation. It can be associated with benign, self-resolving conditions or more ominous malignant conditions (i.e. cancer).

Differential Diagnosis

Inflammation or infection of the testicle or epididymis (i.e. orchitis or epididymo-orchitis), inguinal hernia, hydrocele (i.e. collection of fluid surrounding the testicle, spermatocele (i.e. collection of fluid in the epididymis), testicular torsion (i.e. when the testicle twists on itself which decreases blood flow to the testicle), hematoma or fracture of the testicle after trauma, tumor (i.e. scrotal, paratesticular,spermatic cord, or testicular tumor), scrotal inflammation, varicocele (i.e. engorged veins in the spermatic cord.


  • Lab tests: blood count, electrolytes, possibly tumor markers (i.e. B-hCG, AFP, LDH) depending on concern for testicular malignancy
  • Urine tests: urinalysis, urine culture and sensitivity
  • Imaging typically involves a scrotal ultrasound, but may also include nuclear scans of the testicle or MRI depending on various factors. Other imaging may also be obtained depending on concern for various etiologies.

Treatment Options

    • Depends on the etiology responsible.